Getting Started with OLOS part 1: Fulfilling software dependencies

Off-Label OS is easy to get up and running, but you must install two other free programs in order to run it. First, you need to install VirtualBox and then you need to install Vagrant.


>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>. 1st install VirtualBox

>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>. then.

>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>.>. only then. install Vagrant.

After you have installed VirtualBox and [then] Vagrant, it’s command-line time. You are now ready to use the terminal to verify and unzip In Mac OS-X, you can use spotlight to find “terminal” and in Windows, it’s traditionally been: start -> run -> cmd (please adapt this to modern Windows as appropriate).

To verify the integrity of the zip file you have downloaded, follow the instructions about pgp signatures here. When you have verified that the zip file was signed by the key you downloaded from, you are ready to unzip.

To unzip the file, you can just type unzip in the directory with that file (typically ~/Downloads), and you can cd into the OffLabelOS directory that is unzipped from that file. Once inside that directory, you’re two commands away:

vagrant box add OffLabelOS_v001

and then, once that is done…

vagrant up

which should launch VirtualBox and present to you the OffLabelOS login screen.